Integrated Purification and Separation
The Evosep One is a standardized platform designed for robustness and high throughput. This is achieved by using Evotips as disposable trap columns, where samples are loaded and desalted offline. The autosampler picks up the tip and integrates elution with liquid chromatography. This removes sample handling steps and reduces injection cycle overheads.
Minimal wear and tear on mechanical components is ensured as all elution and gradient formation happen at low pressure. The Evotip is left for disposal after each run, which then allows partial elution to extend column lifetime. Analytically important peptides are effectively retained, and cross-contamination reduced.
Built For Standardization
The Evosep One provides a standardized solution with excellent reproducibility both “run-to-run”, “column-to-column” and “instrument-to-instrument”, facilitating individual studies and inter-laboratory collaborations alike.
Illustrated below using the 100 samples per day method and the standard column (EV-1064).
Standard Methods
500 SPD
Standard Method
Achieve the highest peak capacity per minute with our quickest method, ideal for ultra-high throughput analysis.
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300 SPD
Standard Method
Experience very high peak capacity per minute, perfect for high-throughput analysis.
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200 SPD
Standard Method
Benefit from excellent sequencing speed, with the highest number of peptides per minute among our standard methods.
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100 SPD
Standard Method
A superb intermediate option, offering run-to-run reproducibility with a variance of just one second.
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60 SPD
Standard Method
Our most popular method, providing an optimal balance of throughput and depth.
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30 SPD
Standard Method
The most extended method featuring a 44-minute gradient, delivering the best overall proteome coverage.
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Whisper Zoom Methods
Whisper Zoom 120 SPD
Specialized Method
Expanding limits for scalability with high sensitivity.
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Whisper Zoom 80 SPD
Specialized Method
Ensuring throughput and depth for routine high-sensitivity applications.
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Whisper Zoom 40 SPD
Specialized Method
Providing balanced performance for high-sensitivity applications.
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Whisper Zoom 20 SPD
Specialized Method
Offering extended separation with enhanced sensitivity and robustness.
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Whisper Zoom Brochure
Discover how Whisper Zoom methods revolutionize high-sensitivity applications with standardized workflows and unparalleled ease of use. The brochure highlights the benefits of the innovative Evotip Pure technology, offering efficient sample introduction, sensitive storage, and scalable throughput options up to 120 samples per day. Perfect for researchers aiming to elevate their LC-MS performance, this brochure details the advantages of Whisper Zoom’s cutting-edge capabilities. Click to learn more and download the Whisper Zoom Brochure now.
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Whisper Zoom Application Note
Dive into the specifics of Whisper Zoom methods with our detailed application note. This document explains how Whisper Zoom drives scalable workflows for high-sensitivity applications through advanced standardization and ease of use. Learn about the robust performance, minimal sample loss, and unmatched reproducibility that make Whisper Zoom ideal for various proteomics workflows. Enhance your research with the Whisper Zoom Application Note. Click to read and download now.
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Further Specialized Methods
The Extended Method
Specialized Method
Achieving maximum proteome coverage in a single-shot analysis with extended gradient duration.
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The High Organic Method
Specialized Method
Facilitating small-molecule analysis with significantly more hydrophobic targets.
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Evotip: Streamlining Proteomics Workflows
Simplified Sample Preparation:
The Evotip acts as a disposable trap column, facilitating sample loading and desalting offline. This integration reduces sample handling steps and minimizes injection cycle overheads.
High System Robustness:
By partially eluting peptides and discarding large, hydrophobic molecules with each use, the Evotip ensures a clean system with low carryover. This results in consistent performance and excellent run-to-run reproducibility.
Reduced Sample Loss:
The Evotip minimizes sample transfer steps, reducing peptide exposure to plastic surfaces. This improves workflow sensitivity and robustness by lowering the chances of sample loss due to adsorption.
Enhanced Storage Capabilities:
Once peptides are loaded onto the Evotip, they can be stored and recovered for up to 28 days without significant loss. This feature supports scalable proteomics by allowing the preparation of hundreds of samples in advance.
Integrated with Automation:
The Evotip can seamlessly integrate with upstream automated workflows, paving the way for high-throughput proteomics and future scalability.
The Evotip's innovative design and functionality make it a critical tool for achieving high-throughput, robust, and reproducible LC-MS analysis in proteomics research.
Literature Room
Here you can find the latest publications from Evosep users and collaboration partners and also discover older publications.

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