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About FocalSpec

FocalSpec is a Finnish high tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for on-line quality control and manufacturing line process optimization.

Their product range consists of sensors, profilers and scanners for metal, electronics, plastics and medical industries as well as systems integrators.

FocalSpec technology (read more)

FocalSpec innovation is built on line confocal imaging (LCI) ensuring the most accurate measurement results without the limitations of the traditional measurement methods.


The technology works even on the most challenging surfaces such as dark matt, glossy and transparent surfaces. There is no speckle noise or interference, and a sub-micron measurement accuracy is guaranteed be the samples moving or not.


Thanks to its high speed and first-rate suitability for manufacturing environments, LCI has achieved several world firsts in real-time quality control systems.


Proven solutions provide various measurements without any interruption to the production line. They include the on-line measurement even on high-speed production lines of surface roughness of various materials ranging from plastic tubes, cables and metal products.


Depending on the application and customer needs, their measurement products allow for significant improvements in:


  • Early monitoring and reporting of product quality
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • Optimisation of capacity utilization rate


In addition to their own areas of expertise, their industrial measurement heads are used in a range of non-contact quality control solutions by world-leading third-party developers and integrators.


See the full range of FocalSpec technology here:

FocalSpec products

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