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Integrated Purification and Separation Delivered By The Evosep One


The Evosep One is a standardized platform designed for robustness and high throughput. This is achieved by using Evotips as disposable trap columns, where samples are loaded and desalted offline. The autosampler picks up the tip and integrates elution with liquid chromatography. This removes sample handling steps and reduces injection cycle overheads.

Minimal wear and tear on mechanical components is ensured as all elution and gradient formation happen at low pressure. The Evotip is left for disposal after each run, which then allows partial elution to extend column lifetime. Analytically important peptides are effectively retained, and cross-contamination reduced.


How Fast Will You Go?


With the five standard methods, the Evosep One covers a range of use cases from comprehensive proteome analysis with fractionation strategies to ultra high-throughput single-shot analysis.

The speed of state-of-the-art mass spectrometers combined with the low overhead time and robustness on the Evosep One is a perfect match for high utilization. It is therefore needed to carefully review the balance of proteome depth versus high throughput before starting a series of experiments.

Built For Standardization


The Evosep One provides a standardized solution with excellent reproducibility both “run-to-run”, “column-to-column” and “instrument-to-instrument”, facilitating individual studies and inter-laboratory collaborations alike.



Illustrated below using the 100 samples per day method and the standard column (EV-1064)

Standard Proteomics Methods Optimized For Fast, High-Performance Separation


Our five standard methods cover a broad range of applications. Explore more and find your favorite. 

30 SPD: The longest method with the best overall proteome coverage. Download app note

60 SPD: The most popular method with an excellent balance of throughput and depth. Download app note

100 SPD: A great “in-between” method. Download app note

200 SPD: Excellent sequencing speed with most peptides per minute among our standard methods. Download app note

300 SPD:  The highest peak capacity per minute with our fastest method for ultra-high throughput analysis. Download app note


Enhanced Proteome Coverage With The Performance Column


The performance column is available for the 60 and 100 samples per day methods and is packed with 1.5 μM C18 beads. This reduces the peak widths with 2 seconds at FWHM and leads to an increase in peak capacity of 60%. Consequently, the proteome coverage is enhanced, and the column provides a robust and competitive commercial option – on the same level as home-pulled and packed options, but with better reproducibility and life-time. The boost in sensitivity is particularly noticeable for lower loads, where peptide and protein coverage is improved with 100%.

Download full application note

“Robust and fast workflows are indispensable for successfully implementing large-cohort clinical plasma proteomics studies”,
Professor Matthias Mann

Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, 

Proteomics and Signal Transduction

How Can We Help?

If you require any further information on any of the Evosep products, Please give us a call on +44 (0) 7977 926 418 or drop us an email at