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Dr. Maisch aim is to provide customers with their own specially developed phases to cope with the increasing demand for new HPLC-columns, as well as the commonly accepted HPLC-phases already on the market.


Established for over 25 years, Dr Maisch is a global brand that is represented in over 60 countries. We are excited to bring these products to our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

ReproSil XR™ HPLC Column

General Use Selectivity, Exceptional Value, Highly Efficient and Perfect Reproducibility

Reprospher™ HPLC Columns

High Stability, Robustness Excellent Resolution and Recoveries. Wide Range of Pore Sizes Capillary Column Format to Process Scale

VisionHT™ Ultra High-Pressure Columns

Ultra-Fast Separations With Superior Efficiency, Sensitivity And Resolution. Exceptional Stability For Long Column Life Times. Comprehensive Sub 2 μm Stationary Phase Offering. 12,000psig Pressure Rating .Compatible With All Ultra High- Pressure LC Systems

Dr Maisch Chiral Columns

Reprosil Chiral Polysaccharide Phases. Independant Chrial SFC Study. Comparison Of Immobilised Reprosil Chiral Polysaccharide Phases. Typical Mobile Phase Conditions And Solvent Compatibility. Reprosil Chiral NR And NR-R. Reprosil Chiral - AGP. Preparative Columns.

ProSphere™ HPLC Columns

Stable Bonded Phases. Excellent Resolution And Recoveries. 300 A° Pore Sizes. Capillary To Preparative Formats.

How Can We Help?

If you require more information on any of our products or any of the associated companies, Please give us a call +44(0) 7977 926418 or drop us an email at

If you are looking to bring your product into the UK marketplace, we are always looking to increase our product portfolio, Please give us a call +44(0) 7977 926418 or drop us an email at