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About American Micro Detection Systems (AMDS)

American Micro Detection Systems (AMDS) manufacture innovative water analysis instrumentation designed to enable a cleaner and safer environment.


Their patented Real-time Elemental XRF system (REX) delivers repeatable, accurate analysis of dissolved toxic metals to low ppb levels at the source. The system also features automated process stream sampling that can trigger alarms or process changes.


Fluid flow is regulated to 40ml/min, with dissolved metal ions captured onto meso-porous nano-cellular carbon aerogel foam through a process similar to capacitive de-ionization.


No labour force is required and there are no user serviceable parts. Data is delivered via text file format and can be sent to any IP address via ethernet or wireless device.


AMDS’s work has seen them chosen by The Artemis Project as a Top 50 Water Company competition winner for three years.


The Artemis Top 50 is the water industry’s benchmark for recognizing innovation that matters, and identifies the entrepreneurs that are applying technology to meet the world’s water challenges.


You can find out more about AMDS in this video and at the AMDS website.

REX features (read more)

• Rugged, in-process, real-time detectors
• REX dissolved metals
• ToxicAlert hazardous chemicals
• Highly sensitive to low parts per billion.
• Real-time detection allows immediate intervention
• Process fluids monitored to control quality
• Process discharges monitored to control quality
• Waste treatment monitored to slash treatment costs
• Covered under broad US Patent 7,016,462
• Portfolio of product generations
• Process control units
• Portable units (GEN 2)


For further information, visit the AMDS website.

REX benefits (read more)

REX has no real competition and no one else can offer such state-of-the-art analysis. It also boasts unique features such as:


  • No consumables
  • No user interface
  • In-situ installation
  • Pre- or post-process deployment
  • Self-calibrating
  • Self-cleaning
  • Battery operation for Generation Two
  • User-configured text file data output
  • Multiple data transfer mechanisms, eg cell phone, ethernet, satellite
  • Use selected criteria for type of agent to be detected and when to detect
  • Low ppb detection limits to EPA standards for hazardous dissolved metals


In addition, all AMDS technologies are process control ready.


For further information, visit the AMDS website.

REX specifications (read more)

REX is the perfect choice for process control applications. Rex is also programmable to monitor single elements and will expand to cover all EPA regulated metals. With an analysis time of 15 minutes for low ppm levels to just under an hour for low ppb levels, REX detects trace metals from aluminum to uranium in record time. REX has numerous output options including:


  • Spectral
  • Text file with concentrations
  • Wireless alerts to phones or computers
  • Satellite uplink


Here is an example of a typical REX printout:

You can download the full REX specifications here.


For further information, visit the AMDS website.

REX applications and capabilities (read more)

REX applications:


  • Potable drinking water – purification/filtering
  • Chemical processing industrial fluids
  • Mining and petroleum
  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)
  • Waste water treatment in-flow and out-flow
  • Pharmaceuticals and food processing


REX unique capabilities:


  • Analysis Time
    • ~15 minutes for low ppm levels
    • ~ 1 hour for low ppb levels
  • Detection from aluminum to uranium
  • Programmable to monitor single elements and expands to cover all EPA regulated metals
  • Output options
    • Text file with concentrations
    • Wireless alerts to phones or computers
    • Satellite uplink
  • End user selects elements to be analyzed and frequency of analysis


For further information, visit the AMDS website.